Textes de référence et livres

BARRON Richard (translator) (2003)The Autobiography of Jamgon Kongtrul: A Gem Of Many Colors – Snow Lion Publications.

2ND DALAI LAMA (1985) Tantric Yogas of Sister Niguma, Snow Lion Publications,
HARDING Sarah, (2012) Niguma, Lady of Illusion – Snow Lion Publications.
    (2010) the treasury of knowledge books 2, 3, and 4: buddhism’s journey to tibet –snow lion publications.
    (2005) vie de jamgœun kongtrul écrite par lui-même, claire lumière
    (2004) timeless rapture: inspired verses of the shangpa masters. ithica: Snow Lion publications .
    (1994) “retreat manual”, Snow Lion publications

  (1993) Luminous Mind, Wisdom Publications.
    (2002) Secret Buddhism, Clearpoint Pr.
    (1999-2004) Foundations of Tibetan Buddhism, Snow Lion Publications.
    (1995) Excellent Buddhism, Clearpoint Pr.
    (1995) Profound Buddhism, Clearpoint Pr.
    (1995) Gently Whispered, Barrytown/Station Hill Press, Inc.
    (1993-2005) Four Essential Buddhist texts, Library of Tibetan Works and Archives.
    (1992) Foundation of Buddhist Meditation, Library of Tibetan Works and Archives.
    (1986) The Dharma, State University of New York Press.
    (1985) The Chariot For Travelling the Path to Freedom: The Life Story of Kalu Rinpoche, Kagyu Dharma.

  (1994-2012) La Voie du Bouddha, Claire Lumière, Seuil.
    (1989-2010) Enseignements bouddhistes, Kunchab.
    (2009) Trois Enseignements de Kalou Rimpoche, Marpa.
    (2001) Yoga tibétain, Kunchab.
    (1999) Bouddhisme ésotérique, Claire Lumière.
    (1999) Bouddhisme vivant, Claire Lumière.
    (1993) Bouddhisme profond, Claire Lumière.
    (1998) Le Bouddha de la médecine et son mandala, Marpa.
    (1990) Instructions fondamentales, Albin Michel.
    (1986) Paroles et visages de Kalou Rimpotché, Claire Lumière.
    (1987) Yoga tibétain, Prajna.
    (1984) Fondements de la Pratique Spirituelle, Prajna.
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    (2011) Ãœber das Wesen des Geistes, Buddhawerkstatt.

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RIGGS, Nicole (2000) Like An Illusion: Lives of the Shangpa Kagyu Masters Dharma Cloud Press, Oregon.
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(2005) La Lignée Shangpa Kagyü : revue Dharma n°50, Editions Prajña.

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